QUANTUM Spray is the new do-it-yourself automotive paint protector from Zone51 – makers of professional grade ceramic coatings. Affordable and easy to use, QUANTUM Spray’s nano-particles protect your car’s exterior from day-to-day harmful elements, such as pollutants, bird droppings, and ultraviolet rays from the sun. QUANTUM Spray also makes your car’s surface easier to clean, and provides a slick, lustrous finish that is far superior to its clear coat alone.

QUANTUM Spray is also good to be used on the car before vinyl wrap installation preparation. It improves slickness and protects paint and film. It would save wrap installation time and more confidence.

 In the car surface: After washing the car thoroughly, apply the product while the car is wet. Spread evenly with a soft cloth. Rinse the car once more, and wait for five minutes for a perfect finish.

Vinyl wrap installation: After a thorough regular clean process, simply apply Quantum Spray averagely on car surface with a dry cloth before wrap film. Shake well before use.


  • Repels water and prevents spots.
  • Improves luster.
  • Improves slickness.
  • Protects against UV Ray’s.
  • Applies quickly and easily.
  • Wrap Film Installation preparation.
  • Protects paint and film.
  • Solve common wrap film installation problem.
  • Save wrap installation time.