The Zone51 PPF &Vinyl Silane Coat


A1 top disinfectant by the World Health Organization

The Zone51 PPF &Vinyl Silane Coat is perfect for this task and addresses to the very specific needs of such surfaces, prolonging the lifetime and improving the appearance.


Zone51 PPF &Vinyl Silane Coat is made for Superior Hydrophobic Formula by creating a hydrophobic & oleophobic topcoat over the surface of your PPF & vinyl, it will bead and repel water and water spot resistant much more. It also makes your car’s surface easier to clean, and provides a slick, lustrous finish that is far superior to its clear coat alone.


Zone51 PPF & Vinyl Silane Coat can be combined to maximize and long term protection to film and vinyl wrapped surfaces.


lWater Spot Resistant

lSuper Hydrophobic Effect

lResist Yellowing

lWeather & UV Resistant


lIncrease brightness

lLess Maintenance

lEasy and Fast construction

lNewest Silane technology

/ e 5 fl. oz (150ml)