TITANIUM & C ./ B solution


Super hydrophobic / smooth coating.

Titanium element is combined with inorganic ceramic material. After applying on car surface, polymerization occurs and penetrates to fill in pores in the car paint and form a strong and beautiful titanium-ceramic protective film. This prevents white cars from turning yellow and keeps deep colored cars bright and beautiful. The film is oxidation resistant, can seal in the paint, is long lasting, and is water and dirt resistant.

Application can increase brightness and prevent the car from being damaged by strong UV light, acid rain, and other harmful substances. This is the outermost layer of a car’s coating. Use B solution approximately 60 minutes after using A solution to seal the paint and protect the car. Greatest characteristic: super bright, smooth texture, and excellent water repelling effect. Shake well before use. Apply directly on the car with a special sponge. No waiting. Even out the coating gently with a special coating cloth.

/℮1.01 fl oz (30ml)