The ultimate in high performance ceramic coating production.

Second-generation UFO coating, UFO LUMOS, has all the advantages of the first-generation that makes application much easier and more efficient.UFO LUMOS adds another unique feature –  photocatalyst. When the superlattice are exposed to sunlight, they can decompose the dirt, bacteria and viruses on the coating surface.

This effectively keeps the coating surface clean and protects the vehicle users from being infected by bacteria and viruses.UFO LUMOS is formulated with material functionality suitable for various vehicles exterior surfaces such as car paint, glass, plastic, wheel rims and exhaust pipes (window wipers are not suitable). It is recommended to use a 0.5 spray gun for application for best results.

  • The ultimate in high performance ceramic coating production.
  • The strongest formula. *Nano polysilazine and graphene technology.
  • High shine and sleek appearance.
  • Hydrophobic and water spot resistant.
  • For professional use only.
  • Multifunction coating.

/ ℮1.01 fl oz (30ml)