Supreme water repellency coating.

This polysilazane-based single-dose coating features unprecedented quality. Its formulation incorporates all advantages of cutting-edge technologies. With extremely high solid content, it ensures the car is fully protected. This top-quality coating saves time and effort in car maintenance. The protective layer does not deteriorate or become acidified, regardless of whether the relevant car is light or dark in color or whether its surface is metallic. The coating prevents the surface against the damage causing by UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and sap while maintaining the glossiness and hardness of the baking varnish.


1. Extremely acid and alkali resistant and highly washable.
2. Substantially bright.
3. Ability to prevent fine scratch marks.
4. Extremely smooth texture.
5. Supreme water repellency.
6. Excellent anti-UV effects and rapid cooling.
7. 9H hardness.
8. Water stain resistant.


Before any coating is applied to a car, the wax on the car paint must be completely removed and grease must be removed from the paint surface.

/℮1.01 fl oz (30ml)